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Chennai is the greatest economic,cultural and the travel industry focuses in South India and among the most visited Indian urban areas by outside visitors. The city of Chennai has been appraised as the most secure city in India and furthermore recorded among top 10 Indian city to go for the year 2017.

The city has second biggest assortment of legacy structures in India and one of the must visit Indian city with rundown of significant vacation destinations.

Furthermore, it is additionally considered as the social center point of South India which is well known for its well-off legacy in traditional move, music, engineering, design, makes, and so forth.

its generally lower wrongdoing rate, less contamination, and better instruction has been positioned 113th worldwide and number one in India. It tops seven Indian urban communities including Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Delhi as far as close to home wellbeing.

Things to do in Chennai
Kapaleeshwarar Temple

All over Chennai, you will discover an assortment of sanctuaries. They are imaginatively worked with transcending gopurams at the passageway pursued by internal sanctums where the divinity is housed and adored.

A large portion of the sanctuaries are developed by the Dravidian compositional style. During celebrations, these sanctuaries in Chennai spring up with extraordinary puja is going full bore from one viewpoint and a horde of lovers offering deference to the Lord on the other.

Tropical Climate

Chennai is known for its hot and sticky atmosphere. For most pieces of the year, notwithstanding the rainstorm and winter, Chennai encounters a hot and wet atmosphere since it is situated on the warm equator and furthermore gloats of a huge coastline. The most ideal approach to chill on a hot day in Chennai is to appreciate coconut water on the sea shore or a jar of chilled brew at a bar.

When to go and weather

November to February: These months comprise the winter season in Chennai. It is considered as the best time to visit the city.

The temperature during these months floats somewhere in the range of 20 and 25 Degree Celsius. In any event, during daytime, there are cool winds from the ocean which give alleviation from the generally sweltering climate.