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Colombo is one of the excellent urban areas on the planet and Its Colombo metropolitan territory has a populace of 5.6 million, and 752,993 in the city. It is the money related focus of the island and a prevalent vacationer goal.

Colombo is likewise called the Gateway to Sri Lanka and it is somewhat intriguing and wonderful city where you can investigate the coast, sea shore and even wetland.

We can say that it is the where you should need to visit even once in your lifetime to carry on with the existence with nature and magnificence. It is situated on the west bank of the island and has a ton of steps in during the excursions just as day to this city.

Colombo is a glorious spot to visit and loaded with the cutting edge business squares, pilgrim structures, sanctuaries, pads, and houses. This city has quest for shopping, top notch food, and humming nightlife stand out from the remainder of provincial, slow-paced Sri Lanka. You can likewise the Beach and even a considerable lot of galleries. It is a cosmopolitan city and it lures the vacationers from everywhere throughout the World.

Things to do in Colombo

Situated on a stone level neglecting verdant wilderness and an immense plain is Sigiriya, the puzzling survives from the fifth century stronghold of King Kasyapa. These remnants of Sigiriya are the most interesting of the old locales in Sri Lanka.

1500-year old painted frescoes situated underneath a shade about 90m up the stone. This archeological site, unmatched in South Asia, is a position of journey for Sri Lankans and has been announced a World Heritage Site.

St. Lucia’s Cathedral

Apparently somewhat strange in a nation so devoted to Buddhism, the St. Lucia's Cathedral is an exemplary Roman Catholic house of God that was built through the span of 100 years during the Dutch control of Sri Lanka.

With a lot of encompassing area being possessed by the congregation, the Cathedral is really a tranquil and isolated area to visit.The within the congregation is known for the numerous statues, models, and works of art that detail the lives of holy people in the Roman Catholic church.

A portion of these statues are taken out during neighborhood marches and play significant parts in nearby festivals. The house of prayer additionally includes fancy recolored glass which wash the congregation in moving hues during the radiant pieces of the day.

When to go and weather

An awesome time to traverse the entire nation, Sri Lanka is by and large relaxing in daylight and moderately dry all over consistently. Temperatures will be dazzling and warm, albeit a clean cooler up in the Hill Country. Sea shores on the south and west drifts are dry, hot and radiant.

There is a lot of disarray around the best time to visit Sri Lanka. It's an all year goal, and in any event, during the storm time frames, the climate isn't reliably wet. The climate doesn't run as expected here, and we can generally be amazed in Sri Lanka.